Speaking Engagements

11/29/17 Product School SV Santa Clara, CA
11/16/17 Product School SF San Francisco, CA
11/6/17 Agile Camp Santa Clara, CA
11/1/17 Lean Startup Week San Francisco, CA
10/26/17 Productized Lisbon, Portugal
10/3/17 Lean Startup Webinar Online
9/21/17 Lean Product Mountain View, CA
9/14/17 Industry Product Conference Cleveland, OH
9/7/17 Mind the Product London, UK
8/17/17 UserVoice BASiS Product Conference San Francisco, CA
6/28/17 Growth Marketing Conference B2B San Francisco, CA
6/13/17 True Ventures University Berkeley, CA
6/12/17 Mind the Product San Francisco, CA
5/31/17 Traction Conference Vancouver, Canada
5/25/17 Lean Product Management Workshop Palo Alto, CA
5/23/17 New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Online
5/19/17 Product Leader Summit Redwood City, CA
5/12/17 International Business Model Competition Mountain View, CA
5/10/17 DFJ Product Leaders San Francisco, CA
4/25/17 Product Strategy Workshop Redwood City, CA
4/11/17 MIT Sloan Cambridge, MA
4/10/17 Lean Startup Circle Boston, MA
4/10/17 Harvard Business School Boston, MA
3/31/17 Game Thinking Live Burlingame, CA
3/25/17 Silicon Valley Product Camp Santa Clara, CA
3/24/17 VetCon Redwood City, CA
3/14/17 Slack AMA with Product School Online
3/2/17 Omidyar Network Online
2/28/17 NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center San Francisco, CA
2/21/17 Northwestern University Evanston, IL
2/1/17 Northwestern Alumni Marketing Panel San Francisco, CA
1/31/17 Lean Product Management Workshop San Francisco, CA
1/18/17 GrowthX Academy San Francisco, CA
12/8/16 Growth Marketing Conference San Jose, CA
11/1/16 The Lean Startup Conference San Francisco, CA
10/25/16 Leading the Product Sydney, Australia
10/20/16 Leading the Product Melbourne, Australia
9/29/16 Mind the Product London, UK
9/13/16 SV Agile Leadership Network Sunnyvale, CA
6/26/16 Traction Conference Vancouver, Canada
4/27/16 InVision Design Talks Online
4/23/16 Silicon Valley Product Camp Santa Clara, CA
4/12/16 Stanford Stanford, CA
3/28/16 O’Reilly Cultivate San Jose, CA
3/2/16 SVPMA Santa Clara, CA
2/9/16 Northwestern University Evanston, IL
1/26/16 Pivotal Labs Palo Alto, CA
1/20/16 Facebook Menlo Park, CA
1/12/16 Product Austin Austin, TX